Grande Ronde Spey Casting

Travis De Boer (your guide) 

Travis is an avid outdoorsman, expert fly fisherman, nationally published outdoor media professional and highly sought after fishing guide. He served his country honorably with the 75th Ranger Regiment under special operations command where he learned and developed many skills to include medical training as well as learning the value of using the best equipment and training to maximize success on any mission. Something he applies to the three most important aspects of outdoor adventure. Number one of course being safety, number two being passionate enjoyment of a sport we love and lastly, though hugely important, having success. Travis makes no apologies for his motivation to interact with our target species and prides himself on accomplishing this particular mission at a much more consistent rate than your average crew. The elite combat practices and philosophies he learned while serving our country have translated well into the proficiency with which he guides his clients to fish. You will not find a more motivated and fun loving guide!  

Snake River Sturgeon Fishing

Julie (manager)

Julie is in-charge of the day to day scheduling and general operations of Canyon Ops Fly Fishing. She also has a strong background in adventure travel and she is a proficient outdoors-women as well! So when you call with a question or concern you can rest assured you are in good hands. Whether it's travel and lodging arrangements, information regarding what fish are running or current techniques being employed on the river she will get you informed, taken care of and on your way to one of the best experiences to be had on our amazing waterways!

Guide Team

We team up with just a few of the best local guides to offer larger capacity and specialty trips. We choose to team up with these guides based on their amazing customer service, hard charging motivation and unparalleled expertise on the water. We are in-turn proud and grateful that these individuals choose to work with us and humbly recognize that they are some of the very best at what they do. These guides truly are masters of these amazing waterways. 

*5% for conservation & 5% for wounded heroes and their family’s*

-Through donations to the Semper Fi Fund and Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership-